Black Dot White Space

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Years ago a professor drew a small black dot on a big whiteboard. “What do you see?” he asked.

“A black dot,” everyone responded.

“But most of this board is the white space. Did you see it, too?”

Often I am reminded that we know just a touch of what there is to know, and that we often see a narrow view. We get so focused on one idea, one point of view, a shiny object, that all we see is the black dot.

My photography expresses one piece of who I am. Black Dot White Space lets me share the bigger picture. Here you will find essays, images, videos, and short thoughts on:

Finding Home – Travel at its most unsettled is like a skipping stone barely touching the surface, and for a flash of a moment. At its best, however, are moments where you put down a root, share a story, often smile, and gain an insight.

SEE THINK DO – Reflections on photography

Looking back – Pearls of insight rediscovered by putting the blur of life on pause

Wonder – Video moments near and far

Perspective – A bigger view can reveal deeper understandings.


Welcome to what matters to me.